Prayer Letter April 2017

Dear Friends of SAGOS, Greetings!

Francis Bacon once said, “History makes men wise!” We modern men are receivers of past historical inheritance, deeply influenced by our historical culture. The tour “In search of church history” organized by SAGOS will depart on April 18, in two buses for Mandarin and Cantonese groups, respectively. We have a total number of 89 tour members, including lecturers and tour leaders. There are three distinct characteristics of this tour: first, to experience history; second, the renew our faith; and third, to appreciate art. May the Lord renew our participants both in spirit and knowledge!

The following are the ministry status of our many coworkers in March:

  • Rev. Robert Shen has satisfactorily concluded his Asian ministry, teaching classes in “10-step Bible Study”. Mrs. Shen accompanied him on this trip and helped many younger sisters.
  • Rev. Samuel Ho completed his Asian ministry in early April, teaching “Systematic Theology” and “Expositional Preaching”. He also gave a lecture in Hong Kong on “The message of the Gospel according to John from an artistic viewpoint”, as well as lecturer in a Conference entitled “How to preach on Apocalyptic Literature”.
  • Rev. and Mrs. Lai have completed their one and half month ministry in Asia. In the beginning of March Rev. Lai was speaker at the first Mandarin Exposition Conference speaking on “Life of Elijah”. When they were in Hong Kong, they taught a condensed class on Expository Preaching (12 hours); in addition, together with Rev. Ho and Rev. Mak, they spoke on another expositional preaching forum on the Conference entitled “How to preach on Apocalyptic Literature”. They also attended the Fifth Anniversary celebration of SAGOS Hong Kong.
  • Mrs. Lai has completed her Asian ministry in early April, and taught “Minor prophets” at two locations.
  • In addition to SAGOS coworkers, many teachers at large have also completed their ministries and returned home.

Ministries for April are projected as follows:

  • Rev. Lai will speak on “The breakthroughs in Life” revival meeting in Home of Christ 3rd home on 4/7-9 and he will fly to Frisco Church in Dallas to speak at their 15th anniversary thanksgiving revival meeting on 4/14-16.
  • Both Rev. Lai and Rev. Ho will be lectures in the In Search of History Tour. The third lecturer is Rev. Au, President of Canada’s Chinese Theological Seminary). Mrs. Esther Lai and Rev. Michael Tsang, Gen. Secretary of SAGOS Canada will be tour leaders, while Mrs. Ho will also assist. May the Lord bless them with grace, wisdom and strength!

This year’s “Matching Fund Drive” has begun in April, and will last until the end of August. The goal for this year is US $ 75,000, and you are invited to participate. The yearly budget of SAGOS is US$ 620,000.

I would like to particularly mention the evening of 4/2, when we attended the Fifth Anniversary celebration SAGOS Hong Kong. There were 10 tables with 110 people in attendance. We thank God that in the short 5 years’ time the Hong Kong branch has already organized many “10-step Bible Study” and “Expositional preaching” trainings, allowing many to grow in depth in God’s word, as well as uplifting the capabilities to preach in the area of Expository Preaching. The celebration was also the inauguration of Brother Patrick Wong as its part time General Secretary. Brother Wong has spent many years in business management, and served at his church as deacon, teacher, fellowship counselor, etc. ministries. Some years ago he sensed the calling from God, and gave up his work to study in a seminary. He has graduated from the Dallas Theological Seminary with a Th.M. degree not too long ago. Brother Wong has been a director on the board of Hong Kong SAGOS for many years, deeply loves “10-steps Bile Study” and “Expositional preaching”. His addition to our Hong Kong staff will be a great help to move their ministry forward.

Please continue to give thanks and pray for the following:

  • Thank our Lord for the safe return of our coworkers and teachers at large from their March and April ministry in Asia;
  • The “In search of church history tour”, pray for safekeeping and strengthening of the body, soul, and spirit of our lecturers, leaders, guides, and participants.
  • The beginning of the $ 75,000 “Matching fund drive”; may the Lord lead the effort to move brothers and sisters to participate.
  • Pray for the ministry of our new General Secretary Brother Patrick Wong in Hong Kong SAGOS, may the Lord use him well.

May the grace of our Lord be will you always!

Your Coworker,

Johann Lai

April, 2017