Prayer Letter March 2018

March 2018

Dear SAGOS friends ,

Blessed and happy lunar new year!

As we approach our lunar new year, SAGOS Institute of Preaching & Bible Exposition also starts a new page towards theological education on preaching and bible exposition in the bay areas. Thanks God that our old property was handed on to the new owner right on time when the renovation of our new place got done. The whole process of moving was really in God’s grace. Now we have been busy re-arranging all the office belongings back to their normal places and started working on the inaugural Fall curriculum. Working in this spacious building, we have been filled with excitement, newness and thankfulness.

For sharing our visions with churches and celebrating the relocation, we have scheduled a special day for brothers and sisters to get together at our new school. It includes a seminar on Ecclesiastes and an institute tour. April 21st will be offered in Mandarin, the speaker is Rev. Johann Lai; and May12th in Cantonese, Rev. Samuel Ho will be the speaker. (The event is free of charge, only $10 for luncheon.)

Ecclesiastes 11 tells us that a Christian’s most basic ministry is: How do we live in a Godly life? How do we live wisely so that we would not waste our life? Wasting our life, time and energy, is an act to dishonor God. It is a blessing to know how to confront and bear the responsibilities of life, to establish and equip ourselves in order that we can stand firm by our Lord’s side to witness and serve our generation. In this time of crisis, we really need people who can stand for God and who can make an effective change in our generation.

Please continue to be thankful and pray for the following ministry:

  1. Rev. Lai & Mrs. Lai will teach and serve in three countries in Southeast Asia on February 21 and return to the Bay Area on April 8.
  2. Rev. Ho’s teaching and ministry in Hong Kong from late March to mid-April.
  3. “Holy Land Deep Spiritual Trip” (Mandarin Group) will be held from April 25 to May 7 this year. A full group of 49 people will join this trip.
  4. For the relocation process and financial need (about US$60,000), including the renovation, the acquisition of furniture, the curriculum, the recruitment of students, and the purchase of books.
  5. April 21 and May 12 lectures and open days of the school.


Samuel Ho

Vice President & Academic Dean

SOGOS Institute of Preaching &Bible Exposition