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A Heartfelt Thanks!


The 2019 Church Music & Arts Tour organized by SAGOS has been concluded with pleasant memories.

We are now all back to our normal routine and enjoy God's grace daily. 

Just want to thank all personnel and organizers of SAGOS for taking every minute details in publishing the handbook that makes it an easy reference and handy for members of the tour. 

To the people who painstakingly did the write ups, their articles are exceedingly helpful. A big Thank You!

To Sister Helen for her constant coordination making sure we don't miss any important things. To the speakers of the tour, Rev. Dr. Peter Au and Rev. Dr. Samuel Ho, who were very knowledgeable in their respective field and enlightened us with the explanation of what we are seeing and looking. We appreciate that.

To our dearest couple, Rev. Michael Tsang and Pastor Christina Tsang, who were ever caring and thoughtful all the way. They are like parents of the group; and last but not least, to the unsung heroes who during the duration of our tour, volunteer to help and watch, keeping their charged to make sure no one was lost. A big bunch of thanks for your patience and tolerance!

To all members of the tour both the Cantonese and Mandarin group, we have enjoyed tremendously the camaraderie formed within the few days of the sojourn. We are indeed One in the Bond of Love because of the love of Christ in us. Praised be to God!

May His goodness and mercy continue to follow us all the rest of our lives!