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Prayer Letter July 2019

Friends of SAGOS, Greetings!

Thank God for His leading in the recently concluded “European Sacred Music and Art Learning Tour”. During this tour, participants have enjoyed many well known and world famous music, as well as saw many immortal paintings at close-up range; together we give thanks to God’s grace for giving us so many talented artists through the ages, and through their works we can better appreciate the wonder, greatness and abundance of God, the creator of the heavens and the earth. Artistic works cannot escape from the acceptance by the society at large; they are bound to be subject to many tests, such as whether their contents are outstanding, whether the artistic style is new, whether the skill and art message are coordinated and proactive, and whether the location of the artwork is and the surrounding environment are compatible. The American evangelical esthetician Nicholas Wolterstorff believes that we should not treat each piece of art or the art of different cultures through the ages as "modern high-end art as a lever." Likewise, in pulpit ministry it is necessary to understand the needs of the congregation and the true feature of the spiritual journey.

With summer coming, many churches are organizing different kinds of summer activities: retreats, short term missions, training lectures, spiritual edification meetings, and theological classes etc. Rev. Lai and I are busy getting involved to speak at these occasions. On 6/24, the Institute formally started “Preaching Fellowship” with over 35 participants; Rev. Lai spoke in the meeting and we watched videos featuring Preaching Professors of the Dallas Theological Seminary for the group to study and discus. Many questions were raised and opinions exchanged by participants, who unanimously expressed the opinion that the meeting was beneficial.  

On July 8-11. Rev. Lai and I will lead the "Expositional Preaching in-depth Seminar - Apocalypse" in Vancouver, Canada. I will also be leading Bible study edification meeting locally on July 12-13. Rev. Lai will minister in Hong Kong from mid-July to early August training theological seminary students.

Please continue to give thanks and pray for the following:

  1. Thank our Lord for Elder Aron Fu joining our team, pray for his adapting to this ministry;
  2. Pray for the many SAGOS co-workers who are leading meetings, may the Lord ad to their strength;
  3. Rev. and Mrs. Lai’s ministry in Hong Kong from mid-July to August, and the class of “Introduction to Theology” taught by Rev. Ho, may there be more students to study;
  4. The $ 80,000 “Matching Fund Drive”, please pray and support with action.

May the blessing of our Lord be abundant!

Your Co-worker,

Samuel Ho

July, 2019